Échos de Flores de Vida n° 8 * Printemps 2022

Flores de Vida is coming out of hibernation… and so am I.

The beginning of the year was a time of tidying up and reorganization, inside and outside. I’ve taken advantage of the winter calm to clear up spaces…and it feels good!

In 2021, we were going to be 2 permanent residents, but then it didn’t happen. So I quietly continue to be the caretaker of the place… ineradicable!!!

While waiting for a group oriented on full regeneration and Global Ecology to take place one day, the trees will continue to grow, indifferent to human and governmental craziness. The harvests are getting more and more abundant each year, and in 2022 I expect them to be magnificent!

You can already note the dates of the Fiesta Cruda, it’s August 25th-26th-27th, 2022

Registrations are not yet open, but you can already book the dates… you absolutely have to be there this year

Nat’ * Keeper of the place


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Échos de Flores de Vida n° 7 * Printemps 2021

Petits aménagements et organisation

Ce printemps a été un temps de “clarification de l’espace”:
* petits aménagements,
* réparations diverses,
* rangement des espaces intérieurs et extérieurs,
* et bien sûr, plantation d’arbres et soin au potager.

Quelques personnes sont passées donner un coup de main ce printemps, dont Serge (Français) qui est resté 2 mois et demi et a été d’une aide précieuse.

La régénération du sol en bonne voie!

Flores de Vida: un petit coin d'Angleterre en Espagne
Flores de Vida: un petit coin d’Angleterre en Espagne

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Echoes from Flores de Vida n° 6 * Winter 2020/21

2020, an intense year

2020 has been an intense and stirring year, not only at the level of society, but also for Flores de Vida, both at the place itself and online.

Lots of meetings, exchanges, sharing and encounters… an absolutely tremendous profusion of riches.


Fiesta cruda Fiesta cruda Flores de Vida... la famille
A fond la Vie

séchage olives

training on the roc

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Échos de Flores de Vida * N° Spécial

Octobre 2020 * Campagne de financement participatif 

Flores de Vida en campagne

Nous lançons le vendredi 9 octobre 2020 notre 1ère campagne de financement participatif (crowdfunding) pour Flores de Vida… et c’est super si tu peux nous aider à provoquer l’effet “resto plein”.

“Nous”, c’est l’équipe de Flores de Vida, l’écolieu qui nous tient tellement à cœur. C’est un lieu d’écologie et de permaculture mais aussi d’alimentation vivante et de développement personnel… un lieu ressource, en chemin vers l’autonomie.

Un écolieu plein de vie

Cette campagne va nous permettre de financer une nouvelle pompe pour le forage de Flores de Vida… voire plus.

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Echoes from Flores de Vida * N° 5

September 2020

Echoes from Flores de Vida

Clearing the Path

The path leading from the parking lot up to the constructions of the higher part of the land have been cleared out. The team has worked hard with shears and hand saws to clean up the overgrown branches and shrubs that obstructed the passage of vehicles. Furthermore, this allowed to create beautiful spaces.

Yoga and Punching Bag

In the morning, we do kundalini yoga guided by Maria. A session is composed of a breathing exercise, a kriya (series of movements), a meditation and a relaxation. We also ordered online a punching bag that we filled with sand and recycled clothes, then hung from the gazebo. It will be great for our karate and combat sports practice.

Wim Hof Style Ice Baths

A big freezer has been filled with water and the temperature goes down to 3 degrees. These baths are amazing for health: exposition to cold, as long as it doesn’t go beyond our limits, improves immunity and hormonal functions, activates brown fat, decreases inflammation, improves sleep and mood… Moreover, they are a fantastic way to refresh ourselves.

The harvest of almonds took place in mid-September. A net is placed underneath the tree and then the branches are hit with a long cane stick to make the almonds fall down.







Ecoplace from Day to Day…

What Are We Eating?

There are more figs than we can possibly eat or dry. The grapes are a little sick this year but there are still enough of them to snack on. We have finished the delicious vineyard peaches, now we’re waiting for the yellow peaches to ripen. Some apple trees produce tasty apples.

What’s more, we have an abundance of almonds, with the ones we collect from the trees as well as those harvested during the past years.

We also made a trip to Francine’s to fill up on carobs and to pick some prickly pears.

Vegetablewise, we keep eating zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other produce that we collect at Javier’s, the organic farmer based in Caspe. Lactofermented olives from past years complete our meals.

Figues au séchage

In the Vegetable Garden

Little sprouts from seeds sown in August are growing on the garden beds and in pots: lettuce, carrots, spinach… We weed and make space. The ordered straw has finally arrived, and we are putting a good layer of mulching on all the beds. We do direct composting by burying food waste underneath the mulch to nourish the soil.

In the Orchard

We carry on with the harvesting and drying of figs and peaches. Almonds have been harvested, shelled, and stored. We’re renewing the mulch around all fruit trees. We’re going to plant new trees (pomegranate, fig, cherimoya, avocado, pecan trees…) and repot others (pitanga, maracuja, African plum tree…)


A Community in an Ecoplace

Two permanent residents have settled down: Maria and Juliette. The experience lived along with Nat’ since their arrival is moving the project towards the idea of a community rather than an eco-village where individual habitats would occupy more space. In this perspective, Nat’ has bought himself a trailer and is preparing to move in. Casita will then become a collective space: room for music practice, office, library, a place to get together…

Opening Up to the Territory

The site will thus function as a community where each member will have a personal space of around ten square meters, but where most of the activities take place in collective spaces. By the way, this small community has opened up to its environment by joining a group that reflects on the current world situation. Nat’ and Maria thus met up with five other people in front of the Caspe townhall. All these people shared the idea that we create our reality, and that change must begin with ourselves. Very interested in Flores de Vida, our Spanish friends joined a WhatsApp group to keep exchanging. To be continued!



2020… ça bouge, ça bouge !!!

Une équipe s’est mise en place en début d’année, et ça prend une super allure. Nous nous retrouvons 2 fois par semaine pour des réunions en ligne, impulsées et organisées par Myriam,  et nous sommes en train de redéfinir les fondements du projet, la communication, le site internet, le fonctionnement de l’association… bref, c’est le grand démarrage du collectif qui est en train de se faire.

Avril 2020

Naissance de la newsletter mensuelle, réalisée par Sylvie.


The following list is far from exhaustive.

Permaculture/natural farming

« Permaculture », tomes 1 et 2. Bill Mollison and David Holmgren
« Permaculture : a designer’s manuel », Bill Mollison
« Abrégé d’agriculture naturelle », Olivier Barbié
« L’art de faire travailler le naturel au jardin » J-L Sacquet (http://www.jardinsderrand.com/)
« Graines de permaculture », Patrick Whitefield (www.passerelleco.info)
Masanobu Fukuoka : « La Révolution d’un seul brin de paille », « L’Agriculture naturelle », « La voie du retour à la Nature, art du non-faire »

Natural Hygiene and health

H. M. Shelton. : important litterature
A. Mosséri : http://www.hygienisme.org
Désiré Merien
« Les 5 Tibétains » Peter Kelder.
“The 80/10/10 diet” Dr Douglas N. Graham

Gardening and nature

« Anastasia » Vladimir Mégré
« Le peuple animal », Daniel Meurois et Anne Givaudan
« The man who planted trees » (DVD) text from Jean Giono, a moviefrom Frédérick Bach
« Les 4 saisons du jardin bio » (magazine) http://www.terrevivante.org/ )

Green building

« La maison écologique » (magazine) (http://www.la-maison-ecologique.com/ )

Links and other places

The following list is far from exhaustive.

Permaculture/natural farming

Brin de Paille (association) : asso.permaculture.fr
El portal de permacultura en lengua española : Permacultura ES

Natural Hygiene and health

A. Mosséri : http://www.hygienisme.org
Désiré Merien : http://www.desiremerien.fr

Wwoof/Exchange’s networks

Espana : http://ruralvolunteers.org/WHOSTS/
International : http://www.wwoofinternational.org/
HelpX : http://www.helpx.net

Water management

Joseph Országh (scientifique) www.eautarcie.com,
« Eau vivante » (association) http://eauvivante31.free.fr


Oasis Bellecombe (Alps, France) http://www.oasisbellecombe.com/

Others links

Town hall (ayuntamiento) of Maella http://www.maella.es/
Qi gong et developpement personnel www.mantha-eden.net/