Permaculture and natural farming

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago..
The other best time is today.”

(African word)

  • Permaculture, natural farming … work with nature, observe, reflect before acting …
    And trees, trees and more trees …
    A forest is always fertile and does not need time to rest.
    Its soil is naturally rich and does not require fertilizer or amendments. It is never plowed, always covered, and falling leaves provide a steady supply of compost. There are tall trees, medium-size trees, small shrubs, grasses and vines, and everything is in perfect harmony and cooperation. Some organisms benefit from elements produced or processed by others and vice versa.
    Some principles emerge from this observation:
  • No labour
  • Permanent ground cover
  • No fertilizer, neither chemical nor biological
  • Association of plants and trees, both horizontally and vertically
  • Pruning reduced to a minimum, or none at all.

And amidst all this, a human being who observes, who loves, trying to understand the mysteries of nature, trying to understand why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not …
Of course, permaculture goes much further than the care of trees and garden … but we will talk later. More information is also available on wikipedia.

“What matters here is not farming techniques, but the human being including the science”

(according to Vladimir Megre, in Anastasia).