Towards a New Paradigm…

Nat' et la Casita


…but what is Globality?

Forests precede people, desert follow them”, we often deplore. It’s time to turn things around. We feel the need to embody, build and offer a new art of living: conscious, ecological, joyful. We owe it to our children.

Our proposal: it is the practice of inner ecology that allows the development and sustainability of an effective outer ecology. We call it Global Ecology.

What is inner ecology?

It is cultivating our health and our physical, mental and emotional flexibility.

In concrete terms it means a healthy diet – here it is raw vegetables -, no stimulants or drugs of any kind, different kinds of physical practices and benevolent communication, meditation, music, singing, dance…

Inner ecologydoes not prevent the emergence of disagreements or even conflicts, but it does provide the means to manage them. Each one becomes able to take things into consideration, with the backup of the group.

On this solid and powerful base, the outer ecology thrives: permaculture, eco-construction, renewable energies, recycling… which contributes, in return, to the development of each one and the harmony of the group.


Most movements favor either the inner ecology or the outer ecology. At Flores de Vida, we have chosen to develop both in synergy, placing life at the center of the project.

For the past twelve years, Nat has been planting trees…

This place was created in August 2008 by Nat’ El Zéar. Since then he has planted over a thousand trees. He says:  “Flores de Vida is a dream of communion of the human being with nature, of coherence between our words and our actions to connect the internal and the external. It is a dream of reunion with ourselves, with the others, with life, a dream of sharing, listening and benevolence. Birds swim in the fountain, a lizard watches us, the sun plays on the rocks, the wind ruffles the trees, men sing and dance… A dream of light, joy and simplicity. It’s a dream to build together.




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