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This is a dream of communion of the human being with nature.
This is a dream of coherence between our words and our actions.
Relinking the interior and the exterior.
This is a dream of reunion with ourselves, with others, with life.
This is a dream of sharing, listening and comprehension.
The birds are taking a bath in the fountain,
The lizards are observing us,
The sun is caressing over the rocks,
The wind is singing in the trees.
A dream of light, joy and simplicity.
This is a dream to create together.

Caring for the Earth
And caring for people.
Taking care of space
And taking care of time.

A place of experimentation,
and exchange
at the service of the Earth

…beyond the habits.

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The 2016 projects

Plans and projects, published by  on Sunday, 3. April 2016. Last modification: Sunday, 24. June 2018

This year we just care the place, the trees and the vegetable garden. No big work this year. We will have more in 2017.

Last modification: Tuesday May 29th 2018 ∼ 9:16 am