Towards a New Paradigm…

Nat' et la Casita

On the way to Global Ecology

Flores de Vida is the meeting of inner and outer ecology.
This is what I call Global Ecology.

Inner ecology is about cultivating physical, mental and emotional health and flexibility. 

This is experienced through living food -raw and vegetable food-, through the absence of stimulants or drugs, through healthy body practices and benevolent communication, meditation, music, singing, dancing… 

External ecology is: permaculture, eco-construction, energy autonomy, recycling…

Taking care of the Earth,
And taking care of People.
Taking care of Space,
And taking care of Time.

Global Ecology

Global Ecology is simply (!) bringing awareness to all aspects of our lives:
* How we approach life,
* how we feed ourselves,
* how we take care of our bodies,
* how we care for others, for Nature, for plants and animals…
* How conscientiously do we communicate?
* What awareness do we put into our purchases and what do we choose to finance?
* What do we do to “be the change we want to see in the World?”

Since 2008 I am planting trees…

I created Flores de Vida in August 2008. Since then I have planted over a thousand trees. He says:  “Flores de Vida is a dream of communion of the human being with nature, of coherence between our words and our actions to connect the internal and the external. It is a dream of reunion with ourselves, with the others, with life, a dream of sharing, listening and benevolence. Birds swim in the fountain, a lizard watches us, the sun plays on the rocks, the wind ruffles the trees, men sing and dance… A dream of light, joy and simplicity. It’s a dream to build together.