La vue de la partie supérieure

The place

A beautiful, wild and preserved place

6 hectares of olive trees, almond trees and fig trees – so generous – in the middle of nature, surrounded by more than 20 hectares of wild hills with scents of pine and rosemary… assured tranquility. No electrical wires, streetlights, fences, or any noise or visual pollution. Beautiful rocks seem to be watching over the site. Nature is there, immense and inviting.

The project born in 2008 is in full development. Energy autonomy is acquired and food autonomy is on the right track.

Some pictures

Some pictures of the place and activities in recent years:

Where is Flores de Vida?

Coming to Flores de Vida in Aragon, near Maella

The story of Flores de Vida

The "vegetable garden" in 2008When I bought this place in 2008 it was only a dry and inhospitable land, not really conducive to human life or animal life.
In the beginning it was (almost) desert.
There was no building, no water, no shelter… just olive and almond trees and the sun.
And 10 years later…

Drying figsThrough a long-term daily work and thanks to the participation of volunteers and friends, this place has completely transformed itself into a haven of peace and life.

At the agricultural level:

* Over 1000 fruit trees have been planted to feed humans and wildlife.
* A greenhouse and small agricultural buildings were built to facilitate the work on the land.
* An agricultural irrigation system has been set up to revered the place and a pond has been dug to create a micro-climate, sustain wildlife, promote biodiversity and make a water reserve for watering. It was also a swimming pool at the beginning… and then it became the home of frogs.

To make this place humanly welcoming, several works have been carried out:

* A living base has been installed (yurts and caravans) and small buildings made of wood, clay, straw have been built: my maisonette, the crudine (for preparing food), a recording studio (Hey yes, I’m still a musician…), a cellar to keep the food, showers.
* Dry toilets were made.
* A well has been put in place to allow access to water.
* Solar panels have been installed to be autonomous in electricity.
* There is even Internet access via satellite connection, solar hot water, a washing machine. In short: a real little paradise.

And all this thanks to a bit of madness, mutual aid, a lot of elbow grease, recycling and above all… this dream that has animated me since I bought this place.

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Equipment and facilities

The arrangement, although still sketchy, already makes it possible to operate on a daily basis and to host a small team. There is already water, electricity, accommodation spaces, vegetable garden and orchard.

Water and electricity

  • Connection to an agricultural water network for irrigation.
  • A drilling for drinking water.
  • Electricity by solar panels (for lighting, computers, and small electrical equipment (drill, juicer, …), satellite internet connection.


  • Four dry toilets.
  • Two indoor showers with solar hot water.
  • A bathtub and an outdoor shower.
  • A sauna (underground… hihi).

The accommodation

  • Two yurts of 26 m².
  • Three caravans.
  • The Casita (habitation of Nat’).
  • Camping areas in project (permit filed): a space of 200 m².

Vegetable garden and orchard

  • Several beds are more and more beautiful and productive each year depending on people who can take care of them. The earthworms have returned and the ground is more and more beautiful.
  • Two greenhouses, for seedlings and fragile plants.
  • A great orchard in its beginning.
  • More than 1000 trees already planted that offer abundant harvests. The earth is in full regeneration.
  • A natural pool (squatted by frogs) which also serves as a water reserve.

Outbuildings and various spaces

  • Small shaded meeting spaces.
  • A straw-clay crudine as a small common room.
  • A semi-buried cellar for storing fruits and vegetables and other things.
  • A solar dryer.
  • A hut for tools in the vegetable garden (full of tools).
  • A nice little workshop (well equipped and shelters for tools, materials and other things).
  • In progress: a multi-activity space of 200 m².

Sports equipment

  • Trampoline and a slackline.
  • Two swings.
  • Quantities of accessories (sticks, weights, darts, etc.).