La vue de la partie supérieure

The place

We have six hectares of 100-year old olive, almond and fig trees, surrounded by wild hills scented with pine and rosemary.
Superb rocks seem to watch over the site.
There are no electrical wires, lamp posts, fences.
Nature is there, huge and welcoming.

Flores de Vida is a former olive plantation situated in the agriculture area of Maella, a small village in Aragon, the North-Eastern part of Spain, close to Catalonia.

The terrain itself is like a long slope. The entrance at the road is the lowest point. From there you will ascend lots of terraces, guided by the hills on both sides, till you reach the big rock and hill on the top of this place. It is a spacious place with lot of room between the flat buildings and trees. The trees are not very high or tight what means not much shade.

Over the last years it has become much greener. Not only because of the hundreds of different trees that have been planted. There are also more herbs and grasses covering the ground. Each year more trees produce fruits and each year more fruits. Rich vine branches everywhere.

There is a big vegetable garden with four strawberry fields and some little gardens and beds here and there. There are two greenhouses to breed plants.

There is a minimum of electricity by some solar panels and batteries. We have an improvised workshop and a woody shed.

We are getting water from the agriculture irrigation system that is supplied by the local river Ebre. Unfortunately we don’t get much water from our own well. We prepared some basins to have one day several little ponds all over the place. At the moment there is only one little pool next to the vegetable garden that serves as a reservoir but can be used to swim and refresh.

There are 2 yurts intended as housing for further residents till we get the permission to build proper accommodations. As long as the yurts are not used at all permanently, we use them as collective spaces especially during rainy and cold days and evenings.

Visitors and participants of our events will use tents to sleep which they can pitch everywhere on the terrain.

The Crudine (a kitchen where we don’t cook) is a little straw clay construction that serves as library, place for the drinking water, stocking stuff like tableware, some dried foods and other things. Next to it storage rooms for fresh food inside the ground to have a natural cooling effect.

We have a handful of different kinds of dry toilets and a separate bath room with sun heated water and outside bath tube and a underground sauna.

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