The animals

We see no place for pets in Flores de Vida. Cats are predators that become a danger to birds and lizards. Dogs tend to dig, bark and mark. They can show aggression towards other dogs and also humans. We want to avoid these potential problems by rejecting the presence of both species.

Des animaux sauvages à Flores de Vida
There are also snakes in Flores de Vida.
With the development of Flores de Vida, more and more wild animals have settled there and formed a new ecosystem. There are underground structures of ants all over the area. Of course also spiders and beetles, bees and wasps, as well as flies and mosquitoes. The last include the black fly, which are particularly active in humid and cool conditions and can be a nuisance. Besides the already mentioned lizards and various bird species, bats, frogs, toads and snakes also live in Flores de Vida. Occasionally wild boars, mountain goats, hares, foxes and badgers come to visit.

Most of these animals are shy and jumpy and hide in our presence. The calmer and more attentive you are on the terrain, the more observations you can make.