Give a hand

You’ll be familiar with Wwoofing and Workaway: The exchange of labor and support for shelter and food without payment. And even if this basic idea already has the additional intention of bringing together a wide variety of people to broaden their horizons and understanding, to exchange and spread knowledge and skills, to learn from each other, we want to go one step further.

The session

Our aim is not to provide you with the comfort you are used to and to meet all your requirements, so that you can complete your working hours according to our specifications, but to bring you closer to the living in Flores de Vida. Even if we spend only a short time together with the two weeks, community building will play a large part. The fact that we invite newcomers to participate in the sessions not only has the advantage for us of concentrating the effort of explaining and introducing, but also creates the necessary group size and diversity for the community aspect.

Even if we as organizers have certain ideas about which tasks we would like to complete in the time and often also have the specific experience in which way this works well, we start to plan the process together and are also open for all kinds of suggestions. What are the interests and wishes of the group, what are their preferences, what knowledge and skills are there? We agree together when and with what we start the day; usually a sporting activity such as yoga. We plan who will do what work and when. We organise time together for music-making or other leisure activities and we arrange a daily meeting for exchange. A circle in which we can share our mood and feelings confidentially, simply tell about ourselves, but also ask for advice. An environment in which we also gain the feeling to express ourselves freely, openly and honestly and to address conflicts and problems with courage and confidence.

All this with the freedom to always decide for yourself to participate in the group activity or to take time for yourself.

We also suggest an awareness for small, everyday or recurring tasks. To keep an eye on what needs to be done and to take action without being asked. Contribute and approach ideas and suggestions yourself.