How to come to Flores de Vida

Flores de Vida is situated between plantations and rural area about five kilometres distant from the next village called Maella and only to reach by dirt roads. There is no public transport and virtually no private traffic from Maella to Flores de Vida.

Coming to Maella

To reach Maella (OSM, Google) isn’t that difficult. Depending on your way of travelling we hope the following information will help you.


The next international airport is in Barcelona about 180 km away. There is a daily bus connection from BCN AEROPUERTO T-1 to Maella offered by HIFE. To be sure you better visit their website to get the latest data. If they will not change their online system this link should bring you to the needed timetable. As at April 2018 depending on the day of the week you can choose one of two connections taking each 3:45 hours and costs 20,35 €. The situation is similar for the way back.
The bus stop in Barcelona is in the Calle de Numancia 149, the ticket shop in the Calle Anglesola 33.
In Maella there is only one bus stop.
HIFE is also offering contact via E-Mail and phone +34 902 119 814.


If you intend to come by train, you can visit the Renfe website to find a connection from Barcelona to Caspe. Caspe is 20 km from Maella. There is a bus route by HIFE between them.

By car

If you come by car from Perpignan/France you can take the toll road Autopista del Mediterráneo AP-7 via Barcelona direction Tarragona. Leave this highway after Tarragona at the exit 34 (Tarragona/Reus E/Aeroport/Aeropuerto). Head over in direction Alcaniz first via T-11 then on N-420. After passing the town of Gandesa you change on C-221 direction Batea/Maella to finally come to Maella (ORS, Google). Think about using car pooling. With your registration for one of our events we give you the possibility to get in contact with our participants. So you can try to travel together.

Coming to the land

The way from Maella to Flores de Vida can be done by feet and might take between 60 and 90 minutes. See also the details about the mobility. You will get the details how to get to Flores de Vida itself after we confirm your request for any kind of visit.