A chronological list of all upcoming events at Flores de Vida in which you can participate.

Fiesta Cruda 2019
22 Aug - 24 Aug 2019 (is starting today and will end tomorrow)

Three days of meetings around life, global health and permaculture. * 3 days of meetings to celebrate life * 3 days to experience a lively and simple diet: fruit picked from the tree, raw vegetables * 3 days to sing, dance, laugh, etc. * 3 days of workshops: yoga, chi-kong, acro-yoga, massage, etc. * 3 days of talks and sharing * 3 self-created days

Resourcing stay in August
26 Aug - 31 Aug 2019 (will start in 2 days)

A holistic coaching program that is currently only available in French. All details can be found on the corresponding website.

September Session 2019
10 Sep - 21 Sep 2019 (will start in 17 days)

Experience life in Flores de Vida and participate in the advancement of the project. The tasks planned so far will be the following:

  • Land arrangement
  • Water recovery
  • Key lines
  • Almonds harvest
  • Planting trees

You can follow the agenda by RSS or by iCalendar (ICS).

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