A chronological list of all upcoming events at Flores de Vida in which you can participate.

Session  Springtime session
15 May - 29 May 2021 (will start in 74 days)

  Experience life in Flores de Vida and participate in the advancement of the project. If you would like to know more about the sessions and how they work, have a look the page with the general information. After filling in the form the online payment of 10 Euro is required to complete and participate.…

Party  Fiesta Cruda
7 Aug - 9 Aug 2021 (will start in 158 days)

The big event to celebrate the project and to thank all the supporters. Find out more about the Fiesta on the info page.

Retreat  Resourcing Stay in August
15 Aug - 21 Aug 2021 (will start in 166 days)

A holistic coaching program that is currently only available in French. All details can be found on the corresponding website.

You can follow the agenda by RSS or by iCalendar (ICS).

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