Actresses and Actors

There are a lot of people that have already taken part in the creation, maintaining and growing of Flores de Vida. On this page we present you the main characters and name some of the uncounted helpers and supports as a gesture of gratitude.

Those who have actively supported the project for at least two weeks or provided financial support of at least €50 will be named as Actresses and Actors and given free access to the next Fiesta Cruda as a thank you.

The following lists are in constant growing. As we implement this idea only now, eight years after the start of the project, these lists are missing a lot of characters. If you see yourself belonging to one of the groups below and want to be mentioned, register respectively log in and tell us your connection and relation to Flores de Vida in your user profile.

Founder and permanents

Beside the founder Nat’, you will find here the people who decide to settle down too at Flores de Vida:

    So far there are none.

Hermanitas and Hermanitos

These are in general people who came for a session in the first place but stayed longer or returned afterwards. They feel connected and responsible for the place and project by giving their energy and mood and love beyond the agreed exchange and haven taken care in an impressive way. They are part of the Flores de Vida family but not living at the place permanently.

Participants of sessions, seminars or workshops and donators

The people who have given their manpower by taken part in at least one session or participated in a seminar or workshop and/or donate money or other stuff to support Flores de Vida.

    So far there are none.

Friends, acquaintances, neighbours, local farmers

And we thank all the people that are connected or associated in other ways with the concept and project. There are a lot of people who support the Flores de Vida way of life in many different ways, for example the ones living near by and allow us to benefit from their abundance of fruits.

Technical support

This web site is made with WordPress, a free content management system that allows everybody to set up a online presence like this one. WordPress is not a direct contributor to Flores de Vida but we use it to spread and share our ideas and information easily and without further costs. And the concept that people from all over the world contribute voluntary to a project that is free available to the whole world and intends to help everybody to express yourself fits to our way. At the same occasion we want to thank the developers of the additional plugins that allow to extend the functionality and usability of our web page, especially Events Made Easy.

We although are very thankful for the free service of that makes the translation work much easier.

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