Discover Flores de Vida

  • The piece of land that is cultivated and reforested.
  • The buildings and structures that are mainly made of natural materials.
  • The effort to create a community that cultivates special forms of exchange and communication.
  • The intention to lead a healthy life based on a specific diet and physical and mental activity.
  • The Managing of the association behind the project to deal with legal and bureaucratic issues.
  • And the effort to report on all these experiences and to spread knowledge and understanding.

To provide insight into these aspects and the big picture, we are providing more and more opportunities for discovery.

Important notes

We receive many requests from people who just want to come and visit the land. You will easily understand that it is simply not possible to answer all requests at this point. Visiting the place takes time and requires availability. Here you will find all the possibilities to discover and visit Flores de Vida.

If you have already been at Flores de Vida you can come outside the organized activities but making sure beforehand that it is possible to welcome you at a given period. If you have never been at the place before, we have put different possibilities in place that are explained below. Coming as a newbie to give a hand outside the organized periods is hardly possible. Whatever the reason is you come to Flores de Vida, keep in mind that it is a raw-vegan place (no animal products and no cooked food), without alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and that dogs and cats are not allowed. Please respect and support these rules.

Comb through this website

To get a first impression of the project, we suggest to read the pages of this website carefully, especially the category about how life works at Flores de Vida. We have set up a online tour starting with the introduction of the project and guiding you through the already available information about Flores de Vida if you follow the navigation on the bottom of each page. More and more details will be provided in the future to give you a more and more precise overview on the whole concept behind Flores de Vida. In addition, we ask everyone who has experience with Flores de Vida to write about it so we can publish it.

These pictures are not taken recently but we have chosen them in March 2018 to give you an impression of the last years’ happenings:

Latest announcements

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If you like to be kept informed about things related to the project subscribe to our newsletter or subscribe to our RSS feed for articles and the one for events.

Register for this website

The next step that you can likewise do right from your screen is to register for this website for free. There will be more and more information coming up that we only provide to registered members especially those ones who plan to take part in an event at Flores de Vida or will come to the place for other reasons. It is also only possible to apply for an event like a session or workshop if you have registered. And it is the access to the FdV online community where you can discuss and exchange with other people interested and participating in the project.

Participate in an organized event

In our agenda you’ll find mainly events that take account of people who haven’t been at Flores de Vida yet. Especially the sessions might be the easiest way for you to get a broad impression of the project and for us the most comfortable way to present it to you.

  • Activity sessions – Normally in Mai and September. This option is perfect for you if you have the time and desire to actively participate in the evolution of Flores de Vida and experience the magic of the group.
  • Celebration of the birth of Flores de Vida – The 8th of August is our open day: Visit the place and take part for free in activities like talking circles, yoga, music, dance and so on.
  • Fiesta Cruda – 3 days of meeting and sharing in August. A festival to which we invite those who support the project.
  • Courses, seminars and workshops

Take a recreation or vacation

Check our offers for self-managed stays at Flores de Vida. In slowness and silence you can walk over the land on your own and discover it.

The guided tour

It takes 3 to 4 hours and the price is 100€. You can come with friends and share with them the cost of the visit. The tour includes the technical aspects of our constructions and installations:

  • workshop and dry toilets made out of pallets, earth and straw
  • half buried greenhouse for the sowing
  • casita made of earth and straw (covered walls) + winter/summer sunshine management
  • half buried cellar for the conservation of fruits & vegetables
  • crudine made of bales of straw & load-bearing walls
  • permacultural organization & soil regeneration (direct seeding, mulch…)

(You can already investigate some of these subjects on the french blog Écologie Global.) Contact us for availability and reservations.


As it is important for us and as there are still questions and requests showing up that we think are answered and explained on our internet presence we like to remind you to read and investigate attentively our texts (like the introduction of this page) before you contact and especially before visiting Flores de Vida. Please understand that repeating of answers and dealing with unexpected visits and demands could be very time consuming. Time that we prefer to invest into the progress of the project.

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