The project

A place of experimentation, meetings and exchange,
where we are united in service of the Earth.
Connecting outer ecology with inner ecology.
Experimenting, learning, meeting, sharing
and moving together towards coherence.

Our health and the Earth’s health are intimately linked. Ecology is therefore inseparable from respecting the earth, people, animals and plants. It is through the practice of farming, energy production and environmentally respectful building that a balance can be found between all forms of life on our planet.

In the long run, the project is to be able to welcome at the same time:

  • a small collective of about ten permanent dwellers or perhaps more
  • people who simply want to discover the place
  • trainees coming for permaculture or personal development internships
  • volunteers coming to give a hand

The dream is therefore to form a small team that makes the place work and participates in its development. This collective of people on the road to coherence is made up of:

  • permanents living on the site
  • regulars who know the place and the project well: the Hermanitas and Hermanitos who come every year to participate in the adventure for a few weeks or even months
  • friends who follow the project remotely and support it morally, financially and participate in the development of the concept and its dissemination

Reception buildings are planned, which will allow a comfortable welcome in all seasons. The idea, in all cases, is the spreading of ideas and techniques designed to improve human beings and their relationship with themselves and their environment.

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