Participate in the project

By participating in Flores de Vida we mean above all the designing and maintenance of the place and the advancement of our visions. We especially would like to see participation through people who would like to live permanently in Flores de Vida, but also through those who repeatedly spend longer time there and also through those who only participate briefly and uniquely.

Give and take

By participation we mean a sense of belonging that leads to an exchange. With what each individual brings in in terms of manpower and energy, but also ideas and knowledge, and thus the overall project progresses, more and more needs of all participants can be met and satisfied. Flores de Vida provides housing and accommodation, food and water, clothing and equipment, electricity and Internet connection, leisure activities and sports activities. Flores de Vida demands constant care and diligence, regular and seasonal tasks and expenses.

An adventure

A short or long stay in Flores de Vida can be a great adventure, which also means that your habits are questioned and challenged. It is an invitation to a simple life, close to nature; a place to find yourself. Check out the subpages for more details on what it means to be involved temporarily or to settle down permanently or at least for a longer period of time.

Join a session

It also makes a big difference for you and for us if you have been to Flores de Vida before and have experienced how the project works or not. We therefore prefer to get to know each other during a two-week session in which we perform specific tasks in a small group and in the meantime live as a community. In this way, most of the ideas of Flores de Vida can be experienced and tried out at the same time.

First here then everywhere

It is our wish to give you the feeling that you are part of Flores de Vida, that you feel connected and responsible and that you do not have the impression to do something for us, but for yourself and therefore for everyone. Consider Flores de Vida as your home, but it is also the home of others. This gives you freedom and opportunities, but it also requires your commitment and attention. Flores de Vida serves to learn and experiment on a small scale what should be applied in the rest of the world, so that we live together more responsibly, healthier, happier and more peacefully.

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