Fiesta Cruda


Once a year we organize a festival on the land, the Fiesta Cruda.
An occasion to meet and celebrate the Life !

No Fiesta Cruda
this year 2024… sorry.

The next Fiesta Cruda takes place Sunday, 25th August 2024, from 00:00 to 23:59 : registration.

Séchage de figues
Séchage de fruits

It is also an opportunity for all those who like to get to know the place, the project and the actors. We want to use the season of figs and grapes to enjoy the life together and have fun. To exchange with each other, to get to know each other (better) and to learn from each other.

Three days of meetings around life, global health and permaculture.
* 3 days of meetings to celebrate life
* 3 days to experience a lively and simple diet: fruit picked from the tree, raw vegetables
* 3 days to sing, dance, laugh, etc.
* 3 days of workshops: yoga, chi-kong, acro-yoga, massage, etc.
* 3 days of talks and sharing
* 3 self-created days


* If you want to share a technique or knowledge that you master, feel free to propose a workshop.
* If you play a musical instrument, bring it too.

Each participant may, if he/she wishes, propose one (or more) workshops, conferences, concerts, etc. For each proposed activity, a form must be completed beforehand, so that we can set up the program.

The participation

The current price for participation on all three days can be found on the registration page. The first half is payable on registration, the second half on arrival, but is waived if you give a workshop. The earlier you register, the cheaper the participation fee. It includes:
* Access to all activities that take place during these three days
* Access to the camping area
* Access to showers and dry toilets
* Food (raw fruits and vegetables)

For now we decided to limit the number of participants to 50 what is already a lot for the existing infrastructure of the place. And as we propose to create the Fiesta together it’s best if you can be there from the beginning… otherwise you do as you can.

The project actresses and actors are invited free of charge to the Fiesta Cruda. If you consider yourself being one of those and have not received an invitation, do not hesitate to contact us. It is necessary to register – even if you are invited – to participate in the Fiesta Cruda. 

Practical details

  • Accommodation : free camping
    Each participant must be completely autonomous in sleeping mode. You are invited to come with what you need to sleep.  There is a camping area for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

    • Food: there will be figs and grapes at will, and also other fruits and vegetables, depending on the availability of the moment. If you have the opportunity to bring organic fruits and vegetables they will be welcome. The same goes for water (if we are a lot, we may be not have enough).
      Feel free to bring other food if you need it, as long as it remains entirely vegan and raw.

  • Carpooling: share the car is more fun and more ecological. After your registration for the event you can get in contact with the other participants also to arrange your travel together.

Please, come without:

Alcohol, tobacco, various drugs, meat and animal products, and also without dogs and cats.


The next Fiesta Cruda takes place Sunday, 25th August 2024, from 00:00 to 23:59 : registration.