Echoes from Flores de Vida n° 6 * Winter 2020/21

2020, an intense year

2020 has been an intense and stirring year, not only at the level of society, but also for Flores de Vida, both at the place itself and online.

Lots of meetings, exchanges, sharing and encounters… an absolutely tremendous profusion of riches.


Fiesta cruda Fiesta cruda Flores de Vida... la famille
A fond la Vie

séchage olives

training on the roc

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Participate in the project

Participation is above all an exchange, a collaboration, a journey towards a common objective.

If you feel concerned by the values that Flores de Vida promotes, then come and share with us the daily life of the project, both in terms of the work and maintenance of the place, as well as the sharing of everything that makes life in Flores de Vida (yoga, singing, dancing, music, meditation, etc.).

There are different ways to participate. If you want to participate even more actively in the adventure, welcome to you. If you have skills that you want to value, there’s room for you to express yourself. If no other options are indicated, contact us via our form if necessary. You can participate…

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