Echoes from Flores de Vida n° 6 * Winter 2020/21

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2020, an intense year

2020 has been an intense and stirring year, not only at the level of society, but also for Flores de Vida, both at the place itself and online.

Lots of meetings, exchanges, sharing and encounters… an absolutely tremendous profusion of riches.


Fiesta cruda Fiesta cruda Flores de Vida... la famille
A fond la Vie

séchage olives

training on the roc

The pump has been installed, and works !!!

Excellent news: the crowdfunding campaign, which was a great adventure, made it possible to finance the new pump… it has been installed and everything is working.

In total 88 people contributed, for a total amount of 4,272 euros.

We did not quite hit the target, but some friends offered to top up the missing 1000 euros… it’s great to have friends, and life is beautiful!


Toni installant le système de contrôle
Toni is making the final adjustments
panneaux solaires
The solar panels that power the pump (they were already here and we did not touch them)

Flores de Vida in hibernation

Winter has come to create a space for (well-deserved) rest after all the agitation.

It is therefore a time of internalizing for Flores de Vida… and for Nat’, who has finally found time to settle down (he was close to burnout).

The field team has come back to absolute simplicity: Nat’ is the only permanent resident for the moment, and guardian of the place.

The online team is also in hibernation.
Myriam ensures that the adventure goes on, while immersing herself in organic governance and communication. We will have the opportunity to talk about this later on.

The snow has come to bring even more serenity and tranquility. It was magnificent: 50 cm of snow in Flores de Vida… never before seen!


Neige à Flores de Vida - 1 Neige à Flores de Vida - 2
Neige à Flores de Vida - 3 Neige à Flores de Vida - 4

Snow is good for your health !!!

Besides being a feast for the eyes and the heart, snow is good for being in (really!) good shape.

And the medlar trees are in bloom !

Stoical, the medlar trees quietly continue to bloom. What is extraordinary, however, is that the Japanese medlar blossoms in December/January, whereas the fruits only ripen in June… we can say that it takes its time.

And the medlars in Flores de Vida… that’s something !!!

néflier en fleur neflier en fleurs neflier en fleurs

Communicate, communicate, communicate…

This past year has enabled us to measure how much communication is at the center of human relationships, and therefore of any project. It is particularly true when the goal of a project is the evolution of consciousness.

Whereas we have been used for millennia to communicate through our masks, it is not easy to communicate in real life… (see my New Year’s greetings of January 2021)

Connect the right people
with… the right people

An integration process is slowly maturing (along with the medlars) in the form of videos and small quizzes and questionnaires.

Its objective is to help put in contact
the right people
with the right place/project

Going from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius requires some adjustments…

Therefore a time for reflection,
a time to get back to basics,
a time of gestation…

See you in August ?

Shall we all meet at the next Fiesta Cruda, in August 2021?
… that would be neat, what do you think?


Atelier créatif

Together towards Global Ecology !!!

Flores de Vida... la vie en vrai

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