Project EVE : The School of Ecological Life

The project’s shortname is the acronym of the French’s words for School of Ecological Life: École de la Vie Écologique that also works in Spanish.

Healthy living * Healthy body practices * Vivid and plant based food * Permaculture * Bio-construction * Ecology * Renewable energies * Music * Singing * Dancing * Benevolent communication

Watch the video introducing the project.

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Discover Flores de Vida

We receive many requests from people wishing to just have a look at Flores de Vida. You will easily understand that it is simply not possible to answer all the requests. Visiting the place takes time and needs our availability. Also receiving new people, even full of goodwill and desire to lend a hand, request availability. There are a lot of details to know for the daily live (the organization of the place and the food, the tasks to be accomplished, where to find the tools, etc.) and it takes some time to have its bearings and be autonomous. And I don’t always have time for that. This will be different when we will be several permanents.

NB: If you have already been at Flores de Vida you can come outside the organized activities. However making sure that it is possible to welcome you at a certain time.

We present the following possibilities to discover Flores de Vida, if you have never been here before. Use the contact form to organize a visit that is not listed on the agenda.

NB: Whatever the option, note that Flores de Vida remains a raw-vegan place (no animal products and no cooked food), without alcohol, tobacco or various drugs. And that dogs and cats are not allowed. (See: Life in Flores de Vida.)

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