Echoes from Flores de Vida n° 3

June 2020

 As if you were there…

A mini document from Nat’ ‘immerses us in the atmosphere of this spring in Flores:

Flores de Vida juin 20

In the orchard

Land of plenty!

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  • Melons and zucchini make their first flowers.
  • The corn is starting to look pretty.
  • Nat made a few more tomato plantations.

Of course we had to weed a little bit and some maintenance work was required.


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Appels, figs, peaches are beginning to take shape. The orchard also benefited from weeding and maintenance work.

Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t hang around in Flores de Vida. Food autonomy dictates!

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What are we eating this month in Flores?

On Mother Nature’s menu:

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  • a second batch of broad beans, sown in March, comes just at the right moment: from the first batch, sown with foresight in October, nothing is left.
  • the end of grass peas, the beginning of lamb’s-quarters, sprouted seeds, olives of course as well as almonds make up delicious and super nutritious salads.

And to the joy of these greens is added the infinite pleasure of the fruits picked from the trees:

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  • Apricots in abundance for ten days, depending on the varieties, the first
    peaches, the last mulberries, loganberries (half-blackberries and half-raspberries) and strawberries.
  • The first plums have been harvested and more will ripen over the month of June.
  • We enjoyed a few very sweet and delicious little pears at the beginning of the month.
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  • And with delight we can see the full season of medlars coming.

During this time…

We’re working hard on the pump

The second source of water supply in Flores is still missing. Who is guilty? The pump of the drilling system.

This water is essential for securing the drinking water supply of the place. The replacement of the defective part requires the intervention of an external company (crane). The cost has been estimated at 5,000 euros (ouch!)

As the nest egg of Flores was not enough to cover the cost, it was decided to call for donations via a crowdfunding campaign. A subgroup of the team has been working on the subject for a few weeks: which platform, which pitch, which design aid, etc

Of course you will be kept informed of the launch of the campaign. If however you decide in the meantime to make a donation to Flores de Vida, know that it is always possible!

Support Flores de Vida

The eco-places of the planet made the headlines of the web

bannière sommet des oasis

The Summit of the Oases took place this month. In all twenty-two online conferences were broadcast for 10 days. There were dealing with a wide range of subjects related to the development of an eco-place.

During these 10 extraordinary days the speakers discussed agriculture and permaculture as well as ethical, economic, legal, financial and spiritual aspects. 18,000 people in search for another way of leaving and thinking followed the event with great interest.

Nat’, as the founder of Flores de Vida, intervened to share his vision of what should bring such a project: fear or love ?

Some Q&A videos and the closing party are in permanent access on the Summit Facebook page (Page title : « Sommet des Oasis, réussir votre projet d’éco-lieu »).

    (re)see the Q&A video with Nat’                                     summit facebook page

Nat’s conference had a strong impact and aroused several online comments. And a side effect was to boost the registrations to his

Revitalization Course
from 16th to 22nd of August 2020
at Flores de Vida

If revitalization resonates with you, hurry up, there are a few places left!

                                description                                        sign up

Among other summer festivities add to your agenda:

the Fiesta Cruda 2nd edition
from 10th to 12th August
at Flores de Vida

Three crazy days to (re)experience the place and its philosophy: global écology.


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