Échos de Flores de Vida n° 8 * Printemps 2022

Flores de Vida is coming out of hibernation… and so am I.

The beginning of the year was a time of tidying up and reorganization, inside and outside. I’ve taken advantage of the winter calm to clear up spaces…and it feels good!

In 2021, we were going to be 2 permanent residents, but then it didn’t happen. So I quietly continue to be the caretaker of the place… ineradicable!!!

While waiting for a group oriented on full regeneration and Global Ecology to take place one day, the trees will continue to grow, indifferent to human and governmental craziness. The harvests are getting more and more abundant each year, and in 2022 I expect them to be magnificent!

You can already note the dates of the Fiesta Cruda, it’s August 25th-26th-27th, 2022

Registrations are not yet open, but you can already book the dates… you absolutely have to be there this year

Nat’ * Keeper of the place


We meet in August?

Next Fiesta Cruda, the 25-26-27 of August.

Atelier créatif

Séjours Remise en Forme avec Nat’ El Zéar

Ou bien… une semaine de remise en Forme (vraiment!) à Flores de Vida?

Together towards Global Ecology

Flores de Vida... la vie en vrai



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