written by  on Thursday May 17th, 2018 at 09:04 am

Summer: The project has evolved through many experiences and challenges, and we are now in the process of refocusing and restructuring it.

The small house in Maella, which is no longer useful, has been sold, as have three hectares of land that were on the other side of the path and therefore somewhat separated from Flores de Vida.

The big house that was being renovated is for sale: Flores de Vida is enough work!

The garden is beautiful and productive, and the orchard (more than 500 trees now) is taking shape and beginning to bear fruit. Traces of the fire have almost disappeared.

We’re planning on getting Flores de Vida officially approved as a camping place, which will involve a bit of reorganisation and the installation of a few necessary facilities.

An architect from Caspe is helping us with the project.