La nourriture à FdV

The food

Nutrition is one of the main pillars of Flores de Vida and you will probably find the explanations for it here in the future. The diet is plant-based, raw and from natural or organically grown foods, preferably seasonal and regional.

The available food is always determinated by what is currently growing and maturing in Flores de Vida or the environment. In addition to our own fruit trees, gardens and other edible plants, we often also have the products of neighbours, friends and farmers as well as the yields of abandoned trees in the surrounding area at our disposal. Depending on the size of the last harvest and whether the respective fruits can be stored well or preserved (dried, fermented), the food supply can be expanded with it.

Here a small insight into the food supply 2018.
At the beginning of May are available:

  • Stock of apples from Flores de Vida
  • Stock of oranges and mandarins bought from a friend
  • Stock of dried fruits from summer 2017: figs, grapes, plums, peaches, all from Flores de Vida
  • Stock of almonds from Flores de Vida
  • Stock of fermented and dried olives from Flores de Vida
Selection of fruits in FdV
Selection of fruits in May
In mid-May, during the session, the strawberries in Flores de Vida and the cherries from organic farmer Javier are slowly coming.
At the end of May the oranges are used up, but strawberries, cherries (also in Flores de Vida) and mulberries are abundant.
The raspberries ripen in Flores de Vida at the beginning of June. The first loquats (also from Tortosa) and apricots come from untreated trees in Maella. Tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes are available from Javier.
Selection of fruits in FdV
Selection of fruits in Juin
In mid-June, the strawberries run out, and soon afterwards the cherries as well.
Towards the end of June the small violet and yellow plums ripen in Flores de Vida. The loquats period is coming to an end, but more and more apricots from Flores de Vida and Maella are being added. The peaches also begin to ripen and also the nectarines on Javier’s trees. North of Caspe are the first ripe figs.
At the beginning of July the figs are also edible in Flores de Vida.