Prepare your arrival and your stay

Flores de Vida is not a secret place and in the long run an open and generally a welcoming place. But we cannot treat surprise visits from strangers appropriately, so we want to keep this information confidential. Please do not pass them on, but refer interested persons to contact us.

All you need to know to come

You are going to spend some days at Flores de Vida. Some information that could be helpful:

Don’t forget: sleeping bag, towel, casual clothing (for yoga,…) and/or clean clothes for the yurts (if we go inside).

Could be useful: sun hat, walking shoes, electric torch, mosquito repellent, sleeping pad.

Be aware: The food at Flores de Vida is 100% vegan, 100% raw and 100% simple. Please come without alcohol, tobacco, miscellaneous drugs, meat, fish and derivatives. If you are used to consuming coffee, bread and animal products we recommend that you reduce the consumption of these at least 1 or 2 weeks before coming to avoid a sudden change in your diet. And please come without dog nor cat.

Internet: There is a nice bar with free WiFi: the Matarraña, open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. And free WiFi at the petrol station (gazolinera), if it works. In both cases you need your computer and go to Maella. Since a while at Flores de Vida there are LAN cables outside the casita, in the crudine and in one of the yurts to use our own internet connection, but it is not available for big data transfers or streamings and not online all the time because its electricity depends on the available solar energie.

If you’ll come by car or foot: Please give an idea of your arrival time even if only approximately. Like this there will be someone to welcome you if possible. (Be aware that the road to Flores de Vida is without shade and that there are no shady parking places.)

Contact data: Nat’s mobile phone numbers are +34 689 152 927 / +33 619 76 96 80. But careful: it is quite impossible to call at the last minute for getting guidance. SMS works better but not always. So prepare yourself with all the information to arrive.

Don’t hesitate to bring along your passions, your enthusiasm and your smile.


GPS oordinates: 41°7'53.01"N 0°4'54.66"E
>> Better to use the map below than the GPS for the last steps (you may would be lost on little paths)

By car

See the general information to get to Maella.

By foot

It is possible to use another way from Maella to Flores de Vida than the one indicated above. It is shorter (5 km instead of 13 km) but less drivable and to avoid if it rains.

First you have to leave Maella in direction of the cemetery (cementerio)acces1 acces2 acces3 acces4

There you have to take the hiking trail Maella to Zaragozeta which starts in front of the cemetery to the left. acces5
acces7 This trail is marked with yellow and white parallel stripes. If you see them crossed at a turn-off it means that this is not the way to go.

acces6 acces8 acces9


acces10This photo shows the arrival. The space for parking and camping cars is to the left. The activity zones and living area are to the right.

If you came by car, you can park it here and finish afoot. To reach the heart of Flores de Vida, follow the small signs with a flower.