The unofficial June session

written by  on Sunday June 23rd, 2019 at 10:20 am

The usual spring session in May did not take place this year for various reasons. But it turned out that independently of each other we received two requests for helping stays in June, which were all right with us. So we were four for about two weeks and did some small tasks.

A central project was to construct a new and more durable sun protection for the large trampoline. So that the constant UV radiation does not spoil the plastics of the trampoline all too fast, we had already made an attempt last year to build a protection. The trees on the site are growing steadily, but have not yet reached the heights and size to form larger shady areas. The aim was also that this protection would not restrict or even prevent the use of the trampolin. So all solutions, which require to remove something first and then to position it again, were eliminated, because with such an effort the spontaneous use is normally avoided according to experience.

Last time we built a dome from reed rods and covered it with some kind of canvas. Optically it was a big compromise, but fulfilled the purpose. However, the construction did not withstand a strong storm and collapsed. Fortunately, the damage to the trampoline itself was not dramatic.

The new idea was to first reinforce the aluminium structure with wooden beams and then put reed panels between them, which we already use in many places. The advantage is that this material now also grows in Flores de Vida, they are not that difficult to make. We let the foliage protrude over the safety net, so that it bends like an open dome over the whole trampoline. In addition, we stabilized the whole structure with wire.

The whole structure makes a stable impression for the time being and is also visually appealing. It provides sun protection and invites use.

Furthermore, we have restored the vegetable garden. Prepared patches, maintained the irrigation system, removed lots of wild fennel and trimmed grasses and herbs with the new battery-powered streamer.

This tool is a real gain: much lighter and quieter than the petrol-driven version and free of smell. We are not dependent on fuel, but can load it with our solar system. Although the operating time is considerably shorter, one is forced to take a break again and again.

The conditions on the entire land are now so good that we would no longer be able to deal with the rapid growth without such a machine. So we were able to clear the young and small trees quickly and at the same time mulch the soil well with the cut plants.

We planted tomatoes and other trees.

We also repaired the bicycles and cleaned and tidied up the Crudine. Here and there small clean-ups and repairs have been done.

The weather was pleasant. There were also some hot and very sunny days, but most of the time it was bearably warm.

As usual we had plenty of strawberries in the garden and tasty cherries from Javier. This year these were surprisingly little visited by flies and contained almost no worms.

Soon, tons of loquats completed our menu and by the end, lots of apricots were added. Many of the trees in FLores de Vida now carry properly what also appeals to the birds.

As always, there was also time for exchanges on various topics, conversations about life and opportunities to make music together. We also started almost every day with stick exercises.


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