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Found it by friends telling me about it. Have been here several times during and outside the sessions and became Hermanito.





I prefer to only eat raw fresh fruits

Sur moi

After working nearly ten years in IT departments and living all my life in German cities, I decided in 2011 to make another step on my way to a life more simple and light, more direct and responsible, more natural and ecological, more independent and free.

So in 2012 I left my habitual life style: left my job, my flat, my savings and Germany.

Without a fix destination I moved South to get closer to the sun, the warmth and the fruits. I was heading for Spain, passing through France, always hitch-hiking and couch surfing. Also with the idea of get along without using money and rely on people’s help or exchanges.

I looked for projects to participate in or communities to live in. I met a lot of people with interesting ideas and experiences. I made a lot of new friendships and finally found several new homes.

Till today I haven’t found the one and only place to stay, but I also stopped searching for it. Now I have a handful of them that I like to visit over each year. Profiting from some of their seasonal characters by staying for some weeks or a few months, leaving to the next one and returning more or less after a year. So far I like these continuously changes even if I don’t like travelling so much. And I like the combination of routine and new things that every project is presenting to me.

Already in the first year I felt in love with Flores de Vida and I found a great friend in Nat’. It is the only project from my list that fits perfectly to my way of eating and offers periods of tranquillity. And also the only place where I doesn’t speak my mother’s language most of the time. The place where I improve my French every time.

I enjoy to take part in maintaining and improving this place with the idea to have this wonderful piece of Earth to live, to learn, to discover, to regenerate, to relax and to enjoy, prosper and thrive. I like to be myself here and to experiment in different ways. Besides my personal development and the growing of the place I am fascinated also by the group dynamics and community building processes.

I am glad to know Flores de Vida and to have the chance to live here.



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