General terms and conditions of sale – Fiesta Cruda

The proposed rate is a global rate for the whole event, including raw fruit and vegetables, access to sanitary facilities, parking, camping space, and access to the workshops. There is no daily rate, and no discount for late arrival or early departure. The price is the same for 1 day, 2 days or the whole event, including arrival the day before and departure the day after. In the event of a participant’s withdrawal, a flat fee of 30€ will be retained for administration costs. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 15 days before the start of the event. In the eventuality of cancellation of the event by the organiser, the sums paid will be fully refunded, without any form of compensation added. For those wishing to register at the venue, the ticket price will be 50% higher than the online price the week before the event. In this case, it is essential to bring the amount in cash as there is no payment terminal at the place.

The Fiesta Cruda is free for children accompanying their parents, until their 18th birthday. Unaccompanied minors are not accepted.