Philosophy of the place

Global ecology

Caring for us and our environment

Permaculture, bio-construction, vital hygiene, bodily and artistic practices.

Everything is in everything, and that what we carry inside, we project it around us. What we create in our lives is what we live within.

We are in a fractal universe in which each part reflects the whole. Global ecology is taking as much care from the inside as from the outside.

On the path of global ecology

* Connecting the inside and the outside, * linking the human being and its environment * to make our words and deeds coherent… and take the path of a joyful and fulfilling life.

A clear mind in a body in good condition, within a fulfilled nature… It is the dream that can become reality, if we give ourselves the means.

The Charter of Flores de Vida

Take care of the Earth, and take care of people, take care of space, and take care of time.

I invite you to download the Charter of Flores de Vida, which quite clearly defines the spirit of the place. This Charter is certainly led to evolve, depending on the evolution of consciousness of the participants in the adventure… to follow. Download the Charter of Flores de Vida

To better understand the philosophy of the place

You can see the pages: the philosophy of life in Flores de Vida hygiene Vitale Permaculture and natural agriculture

You can explore the concept of global ecology on the blog: global ecology (for the outdoors) to be in shape really (for inner ecology)

And find here different info and links: Bibliography links

To be free in his body and in his head

We can choose to be fit and live a life that is sparkling!!! What a joy it is to feel its light and dynamic body, ready to act and lead us or we desire it, bubbling with energy! What a delight to feel full of joy and desire to discover the world, clear ideas and a light heart! What a joy to feel free!

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