Participate in the project

Different ways to participate

If you want to participate even more actively in the adventure, welcome to you. If you have skills that you wish to value, there is room for you to express yourself.

You can participate:

All these points are developed below.

Give and receive

Participation is primarily an Exchange, a collaboration, a journey towards a common goal.

If you feel concerned about the values that the Flores de Vida vehicle, then come and share with us the daily life of the project, both in terms of the work and the maintenance of the place, and the sharing of all that makes life in Flores de Vida (yoga , singing, dancing, music, meditation…).

Participate in the field

The skills that are very useful on the ground:-eco-construction-Permaculture-agricultural works (pruning, maintenance…)-management of the vegetable garden-mechanical/electricity/plumbing/DIY…-irrigation system management-photo/video… NB: there is always a way to make yourself useful, even without special competence. See the menu for more details on the different possibilities to stay.

If you’ve never been here before, the best way to discover Flores de Vida is to participate in a 2-week activity session. All the info here: the activity sessions

NB: If you have already come, you are at home in Flores de Vida, and you can come outside the organized activities, however, by assuring you beforehand that it is possible to welcome you at a certain time.

NB (2): If you have never been here before, it is unlikely that it will be possible to accommodate you outside of organized activities… but you can always try your luck (see: coming out of organized activities, at the bottom of this page)

A great adventure

A short or long stay in Flores de vida can be a great adventure, and your habits may well be questioned. It is an invitation to a simple life, close to nature, a place to truly find you. NB: have you visited the page: life in Flores de Vida?

Participate remotely from your home

Skills that are very useful, « administrative » side:-administrative management-association management-accounting-maintenance/website design-translations French/Spanish or French/English

Financially supporting the project

You can support the project either by a punctual donation, by a monthly transfer, by an important donation, or by a small donation, it is according to your possibilities.

Any participation is welcome, regardless of its amount… the small streams make the big rivers.

Every year we organize a big party, the Fiesta Cruda, so that all the actors of the project can meet, share, Exchange, and all the actors will be invited for free!

NB: the participants of the project are as much the people who participate financially, as those who come to lend a hand on the field and participate in the sites (where you are of course welcome).

Of course, we have plenty of gifts to thank you for your participation!

All the details here: support Flores de Vida and the EVE project don’t hesitate to spread the link around you and on social networks… and talking about Flores de Vida.

Spreading the project around you

Talking about Flores de Vida and E.V. E around you is already a valuable help. The more the project will be known, and the more support it will receive, and it is the snowball that grows, grows…

Talk to your loved ones, diffuse posts, articles and videos on social networks, to your contacts… everything is good for the family to grow.

Order Flores de Vida products

Consuming Flores de Vida products is a great way to support the project… and to do you good at the same time, because these are really the best quality products, more organic than organic.

Olives, almonds, olive oil, and other products…  100% natural all the info here: olives and almonds Flores de Vida… Nature 100%

Becoming permanent

If you wish to invest 100% in the project, it is also possible. There is room for several people to live on the place, and we could be 10 or 15 permanent (this is an integral part of the project). My dream is that the place is managed and animated by a joyful and dynamic team, made up of people on the path of regeneration. You can imagine the impact, for the people who will come in the internship (or stay longer or shorter), to be welcomed by a whole team already on the way, and who may testify by example… ?

For the moment, there is a yurt of 28 sqm which is available (even 2 yurts), several caravans… and then anything is possible. Over time we will be able to build small dwellings so that every inhabitant has a pleasant place to live.

If the idea of living in Flores de Vida (and participating in the evolution of the project) makes you vibrate, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will see together what is possible.

Coming out of organized activities

If you have never come to Flores de Vida to lend a hand, outside the organized periods, is seldom possible… but you can try your luck (do you ever know?). At times there is a need for more arms, and your request can be really welcome if it arrives at that time.

NB: receiving new people asks for availability, because there are a lot of details to know to live daily (the Organization of the place and the food, the tasks to be accomplished, where to find the tools…) and that it takes some time to have its benchmarks and be autonomous.

Want to discover Flores de Vida?

All the possibilities are on this page: Discover Flores de Vida

And to know a little more:

Current projects


The actors of the project

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