La journee à FdV

The day

Basically the normal everyday life in Flores de Vida differs from that of an event like a session. It also depends on the present people, the season and the weather. And just as unexpected events can confuse any plan, in Flores de Vida we usually have a high degree of freedom to shape each day anew completely different from the previous ones.

Discover the needs of your body

In Flores de Vida there are no obligatory, fixed meal or rest periods. We invite you to discover and observe your own body awareness and to follow it. Basically, recover when you are exhausted and eat when you are hungry.

During the sessions

The daily routine depends on how the group agrees. Priority is given to completing several planned tasks and implementing sub-projects, which is why the working hours and duration are determined jointly, taking into account the weather conditions. The remaining time can be used for yourself as well as for interaction with the group in the form of yoga, conversation, music, sports etc. Once a day we gather not only to plan the next day, but also to discuss at our own discretion how we are doing, what concerns us, what we have experienced and learned and everything else that comes to mind and needs to be said.

In summer it can become very hot and, depending on the work, it makes sense to start very early, for example already at 7 o’clock, to then interrupt at 10 o’clock and only in the late evening, around 19 o’clock to become active again. On milder days, a rather ordinary working day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. can also be arranged. We can adapt the process again and again, depending on what makes sense to us.


Despite all the flexibility and freedom, don’t forget that one challenge of every session is to find the balance between your own needs, those of the group and those of Flores de Vida. Not always will the group make decisions and find solutions that fully suit you. Sometimes it is justifiable that you still take more care of yourself, sometimes it is necessary that you overcome and join in. However, it will always be you who makes that decision.

Outside the sessions

Here the coordination is less organized and therefore it is a bit more important not to lose sight of the regular exchange. The upcoming tasks, which can usually be done by one person alone, are organized via Dragon Dreaming.