Natural Hygiene

A simple way of eating

Natural Hygiene comes from the same approach as permaculture and natural farming:

the more you simplify, the better you feel! We eat too much food which is too rich and too complicated.

Eating conscientiously is already a lot.
Simply eating is even better.
A plant-based diet reduces the workload of the digestive system and provides more energy (notice that a few additional parameters are to be taken into account).
… and we can go even further by eating live food!

We do not need meat, fish or dairy products or eggs.
Our body needs simple food which is easy to digest.
We need to move, breathe, drink pure water (natural or filtered and energized), to take in the air and the sun, to have enough rest, to laugh, to dance … and then quietly enjoy organic fruits and vegetables, as raw as possible.
Occasionally we can eat some cooked cereals, cooked as simply as possible…

…and life is beautiful!

In summary:
We eat only when we are really hungry, which, given that our needs are different, makes organized meals unnecessary.
In the morning our body begins a process of eliminating toxins, so we just drink a hot drink without sugar and then, according to the hungryness, eat fruit in the morning.
Meals are as simple as possible and we try not to eat too many different foods at the same time.
Food is mainly raw, or cooked simply without fat, at low temperatures (stewed, for example).
And we don’t eat meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, sugar, bread, fried foods and salt, or drink alcohol, black tea or coffee.
The taste buds awake! We find the genuine taste of fruits and vegetables. The body is lightened, and the head too. We are on the road to life!

Sugar and salt

A little attention to the salt, which is not generally regarded as a drug, but which in fact is an exciting rendered necessary by the use of sugar. This is the famous balance yin / yang we find here. The excess of yin (sugar) requires excess of yang (salt), and vice versa. I do not mean the sugar found naturally in fruits, but sugar concentrated artificially, whether white or brown, and even if it comes from beets, sugar cane, cereals or fruit. It is the concentration that is harmful.
To return to salt, he hardens tissue, blood vessels and distorts the taste of food. And when you stop it, you gradually rediscover the true flavor of food.
We need the minerals that we find in fruits and vegetables, not just sodium chloride.