The school of ecological life: caring for us and our environment… en route to global ecology…

Ecology, health and wellness 

Permaculture * bio-construction * vital hygiene and bodily practices

Ecological life school

A school for global ecology * outdoor Ecology: Permaculture, eco-construction, renewable energies, recycling… * Interior Ecology: healthy diet (living and vegetal), bodily health practices, benevolent communication, meditation, music, singing, dance…

Take care of the Earth, and take care of people, take care of space, and take care of time.

Flores de Vida is a dream of communion of the human being with nature. It is a dream of coherence between our words and our deeds. Connect the inside and the outside. It’s a dream of reunion with ourselves, with others, with life. It’s a dream of sharing, listening and understanding. Birds bathe in the fountain, a lizard observes us, the Sun plays on the rocks, the wind sings in the trees. Dream of light, joy and simplicity. It’s a dream to build together.

Flores de Vida is a place of experimentation, encounter and Exchange at the service of the Earth, and in the service of the human being.

… beyond habits.

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