September Session 2019

From Tuesday 10th September to Saturday 21st September 2019 ICAL

Experience life in Flores de Vida and participate in the advancement of the project. The tasks planned so far will be the following:

  • Land arrangement
  • Water recovery
  • Key lines
  • Almonds harvest
  • Planting trees

If you would like to know more about the sessions and how they work, have a look the page with the general information.

Be aware that after filling in the form the online payment of 10 Euro is required to complete and participate. You can also perform this second step at a later stage before the start of the event. You will receive an email with the necessary details and you will find them when you visit this page again.

The supervisors

The following members of the Flores de Vida family will be running this event. There could be others joining before the start.

The participants

So far there is one registration,

  • Pascale

The registration

You are not yet registered as a student at the School of Ecological Life and we demand a membership. The membership fee serves primarily to make your registration for the session more serious and also as a small financial support for the project. (If you are already a member, please contact us so that we can make it possible for you to register.)

WP membership is required for registration
There are 11 spots left but the registration for this event is only possible after the registration for this website. If you have done it before please log in.

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