Springtime session 2021

From Saturday 15th May to Saturday 29th May 2021 ICAL


Experience life in Flores de Vida and participate in the advancement of the project. If you would like to know more about the sessions and how they work, have a look the page with the general information.

After filling in the form the online payment of 10 Euro is required to complete and participate. One your paiment conpleted, you will receive an email with all the details. Those 10€ are the membership to the association, and are not refundable.

The project is to renew the 2 yurts :
– remove the cover,
– repair or replace the sticks,
– put a new cover.
…a nice work for a nice result.


The Flores de Vida team

The following members of the Flores de Vida family will be running this event. There could be others joining before the start.

    The participants

    So far there is one registration,

    • anna

    The registration

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