Fiesta Cruda Fiesta Cruda 2023

From Thursday 24th August 11:00 to Saturday 26th August 2023 20:00 ICAL

This event is over.

The Festival of Life and Figs

Three days of meetings around life, global health and permaculture. Three days to get together, to fill up on sun, figs, grape and love…

Dancing, meditating, sharing, celebrating life…
Yoga, chi-kong, music…

The proposal is to build the event together, so it’s great if you can be there from the beginning, before 11am. You can also arrive the day before, if you wish.

Three days of meetings to get to know each other better and share our knowledge and skills. If you want to share a technique or knowledge, feel free to propose a workshop. If you play a musical instrument, bring it too.
If you want to discover Flores de Vida, this is the right time!

The fee is 220 € for the 3 days (The half is deposit).
Half price if you run a workshop.

Be aware that the price is progressive (the soonest… the cheapest):

* 80 € for registration before 30 March (40 € deposit)
* 100 € for registration before 30 April (50 € deposit)
* 120 € for registration before 30 May (60 € deposit)
* 140 € for registration before 30 June (70 € deposit)
* 160 € for a registration before July 30th (80 € deposit)
* 180 € for a registration before August 10th (90 € deposit)
* 200 € for a registration before August 20th (100 € deposit)

NB: The “over the counter” fee for those wishing to register on site is 220 €. In this case, it is essential to bring the amount in cash as there is no payment terminal at the place.

Find out more about the Fiesta on the info page.

Practical details

  • Self-catering accommodation: you are invited to bring what you need to sleep (sleeping bag, mattress, tent, caravan,…). There is room for tents, caravans and motorhomes.
  • Food: as is customary in FdV, the proposal is to feed ourselves simply with fruit and vegetables… and there will be plenty of figs and grape.
  • Carpooling: After registering, you have the opportunity to get in touch with the other participants via this website and, for example, to plan your arrival and departure together.

Come without

Alcohol, tobacco, various drugs, bread, cooked food, meat, dairy products, processed food and also without dogs and cats.

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This party is over. 

The reports

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