Ensemble vers un monde meilleur Fiesta Cruda 2019

From Thursday 22nd August 11:00 to Saturday 24th August 2019 20:00 ICAL

This event is happening right now.

Three days of meetings around life, global health and permaculture. * 3 days of meetings to celebrate life * 3 days to experience a lively and simple diet: fruit picked from the tree, raw vegetables * 3 days to sing, dance, laugh, etc. * 3 days of workshops: yoga, chi-kong, acro-yoga, massage, etc. * 3 days of talks and sharing * 3 self-created days

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The following 11 people take part in this event:

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If you would like to exchange ideas with other participants, then register for our online community before registering for the Fiesta.This party is running right now. See how you can continue to support Flores de Vida in the new project year to secure your invitation to the next Fiesta Cruda.] 

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