Global Ecology

Flores de Vida, a place dedicated to permaculture, eco construction, natural hygiene and physical exercises.

The main concept behind Flores de Vida is that everything is part of everything and that everything we carry inside ourselves we reflect to our surrounding. The things we create in our life are corresponded to our inner selves.

We are in a fractal universe in which every part reflects the whole thing. Therefore Global Ecology means to take care as much of the inside as of the outside, an inner ecology and an outer ecology.

Caring for the Earth
And caring for people.
Taking care of space
And taking care of time.

You can discover the concept of Global Ecology on the Ecologie Globale blog and more about the inner part on the blog Être en Forme Vraiment.

Being free in your body and in your mind

But we can choose to be in form and to live a tingling life. What a happiness to feel your body light and dynamic, ready to act and to bring us where we wish to be, sparkling of energy. What a happiness to feel plenty of joy and the delight to discover the world, clear ideas and a light heart. What happiness to feel free.

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