Eager to support Flores de Vida?

A way to participate in ecological action on the planet

Because of being involved in circumstances like work, children, family, most of us cannot always act in the ecological sense that we would like to but we can all participate in ecological action and in the development of ecological consciousness on earth.

Would you like to support a profoundly ecological project?

You are interested in the Flores de Vida project and you would like to support it and participate in its development?
If you can’t come and actively participate you still have the possibility to support it financially. It is thanks to the generosity and financial support of several people that Flores de Vida has been able to develop to this day.

Not much for you … a lot for Flores de Vida

We propose you to do a monthly transfer of 3€. It is an option that will not weigh heavily in one single budget, but will be a precious help for the project. Small streams make big rivers. With recurring incomes like this it is easier to calculate and plan for future subprojects and acquirements.

But of course you can make a donation of the amount and type – one-time or recurring – you like. Whatever the amount will be your donation will be welcome, rest assured.

The payment

We only specify the payment options by offering PayPal and Stripe for an usual credit or debit card. Please note that we prefer you to commit to a paid membership. That means that you register first for free or log in if you already have done that and then come back here to upgrade to one of our paid memberships. Like this we can give you access to more information and offers that might come in the future. And we will invite you to our Fiesta Cruda.

If you aren’t interested in further interaction and rewards, you can make your donation anyway by the forms and buttons below.

Usual credit or debit card

We offer three presets. You can choose to support Flores de Vida with 3, 5 or 10€ per month. If you wish to choose another amount either you can do it with PayPal or contact us. For a one-time donation with your card, use the second form.

Recurrent payment

One-time payment

Credit Cards



If you agree to use PayPal click on the button below and you will be redirected. You have to enter the amount of your donation. By checking the box Make This a Monthly Donation the amount you indicated will be transferred to us not only one-time but each month until you stop it. But for this option you have to use your own PayPal account.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last modification: Saturday June 23rd 2018 ∼ 4:39 pm