Discovering Flores de Vida

We receive many requests from people wishing to just come for a ride to discover Flores de Vida. You will easily understand that it is simply not possible to answer all the requests. Visiting the place takes time and asks for availability…

Also, receive new people, even full of goodwill and desire to lend a hand, request availability. There are a lot of details to know to live daily (the Organization of the place and the food, the tasks to be accomplished, where to find the tools…) and it takes some time to have its bearings and be autonomous… and I don’t always have time for that. This will be different when we will be several permanent…

To discover Flores de Vida, if you have never been here before, the possibilities are as follows:

Participate in an organized event

* 2-week activity session (see « sessions »)… It’s free (just €10 for membership to the Association) this option is perfect for you if you have the time and the urge to actively participate in the evolution of Flores de Vida, and live the magic of the group. All info: activity sessions and calendar for dates

* Internship or workshop… the price depends on what is proposed (see agenda)

* Fiesta Cruda, by invitation (3 days of meeting and sharing… a meeting time for the people who support the project (see Fiesta Cruda). To support the project, see support Flores de Vida

NB: If you have already come, you can come outside the organized activities, however, making sure that it is possible to welcome you at a certain time. See: participate in the project

Self-managed grape cure

At certain times, when we have grapes (and figs…) in abundance, it is possible to come and do a cure, in self-management. You should be autonomous in transportation and housing. * Transport (no need to pick you up at Maella) * accommodation (you come with your tent, camper or other)

This is €70 for 3 days, then 10 €/day extra. If you wish to rent a caravan or a yurt, see the following paragraph. See grape cure/figs

Rent a yurt or a caravan for 1 week

The week consists of 6 consecutive nights. It does not include food. – the week in yurt (for 2-4 people): €230 (+ €50 for heating in cold period) – the week in caravan (for 1 to 3 people): €120 contact us to know the availabilities and reserve (contact form in the menu on the left). NB: with fruits and vegetables in addition (raw and unprepared): 10 €/person/day (same for the grape cure/fig, if the period is favourable)

Take a short step

If you go to the area and you just want to make a stop and see where is Flores de Vida, you can come and ask for 1 night or 2:10 €/person/night. This is only valid if you are totally autonomous in: * transport (no need to pick you up at Maella) * accommodation (you come with your tent, camper or other) * food (you have all of your food and do not need anything) you of course have access to the toilets (dry toilets, and shower) Note though, that the visit of the place is not included in this possibility, and that there will not necessarily be someone available to tell you the why and how of Flores de Vida. Contact us to find out what is possible (contact form in the menu on the left)

The guided tour

It lasts from 3 to 4 am, and the price is €100. You can come with friends and share with them the cost of the visit. The visit includes the technical aspects of construction and installation. * Workshop and dry pallet/land/straw toilets * semi-buried greenhouse * Casita en Terre/straw (walls) + management of winter/summer sunshine * half buried cellar for the conservation of fruits and vegetables * crudine in straws and walls carriers * organisation permacole & soil regeneration (+ direct sowing, mulch…) You can already address some of these themes on the global ecology blog contact us to know the possible dates (contact form in the menu on the left)

NB: whatever the option, note that Flores de Vida remains a crudi-vegan place (no animal products and no cooked food), no alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, and that dogs and cats are not allowed. (See: life in Flores de Vida)


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