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Discover Flores de Vida

Flores de Vida is a project that takes place on many levels.

  • The piece of land that is cultivated and reforested.
  • The buildings and structures that are mainly made of natural materials.
  • The effort to create a community that cultivates special forms of exchange and communication.
  • The intention to lead a healthy life based on a specific diet and physical and mental activity.
  • The Managing of the association behind the project to deal with legal and bureaucratic issues.
  • And the effort to report on all these experiences and to spread knowledge and understanding.

To provide insight into these aspects and the big picture, we are providing more and more opportunities for discovery.

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Participate in the project

By participating in Flores de Vida we mean above all the designing and maintenance of the place and the advancement of our visions. We especially would like to see participation through people who would like to live permanently in Flores de Vida, but also through those who repeatedly spend longer time there and also through those who only participate briefly and uniquely.
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Give a hand

You’ll be familiar with Wwoofing and Workaway: The exchange of labor and support for shelter and food without payment. And even if this basic idea already has the additional intention of bringing together a wide variety of people to broaden their horizons and understanding, to exchange and spread knowledge and skills, to learn from each other, we want to go one step further.
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Eager to support Flores de Vida?

A way to participate in ecological action on the planet

Because of being involved in circumstances like work, children, family, most of us cannot always act in the ecological sense that we would like to but we can all participate in ecological action and in the development of ecological consciousness on earth.

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