The school of ecological life takes shape!

The major project 2018 is the deposit of the permit for the construction of the reception building and the activity room.

The study of the project was long overdue (5 years!!!), but the result (the drawing, for now…) is really nice. The architect, Cristian Poblador (de Caspe) took his time, but did a great job… and it became a friend.

It was a local architect who had been detained, for reasons of communication and local relations, but had no experience in eco-construction. He however took the project to heart, and has really documented on the construction of land, straw, wood, and on the techniques of water recycling (among others), which explains the duration of the study.

Anyway, the project was tabled in the Town Hall of Maella in mid-September, and we should have news within 2-3 months.

This is a great moment in the history of Flores de Vida, because this permit will, on the one hand, allow the reception of visitors, volunteers and trainees throughout the year, and in good conditions, and on the other hand, will officially validate the project, and anchor it in the social reality.
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Spring fittings

The main development, this spring, was the replacement of the trelbe racks of the vegetable garden. The wood was starting to be in bad shape, and the trelgs were threatening to collapse. We replaced them, during the May session, with metal tubes, which are much more resistant in time. The vine can grow!!!

The sale of olives, almonds and oil

Another great breakthrough is the diffusion, since last winter, of « Flores de Vida products », which have received a magnificent welcome. In addition to financial inflows, this gives meaning to the project, connecting it to the social reality through the diffusion of products of exceptional quality.
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