Fiesta Cruda FC-2016

From Saturday 6th August to Monday 8th August 2016 ICAL

The upcoming eighth of August we will celebrate the first eight years of Flores de Vida, an adventure that began the 8/8/2008. That day we arrived for installing the first yurt and started the first arrangements.


We have been about ten friends, particularly practitioners of Kundalini yoga. There was nothing on the terrain except olive and almond trees. There wasn’t any construction, no water, no electricity.

Eight years later we can be happy of what has been realized. There is still a lot to do, for sure, but the basics for living are set in place.

We propose three days of encountering, for celebration this eighth birthday. Three days of socializing and exchange about life, global health and permaculture. Three days free in what we will encounter and get to know, share our knowledge and capacities.

If you are in the mood to share a technique or knowledge that you handle well, you will have the chance to offer a workshop. If you are playing an instrument, bring it along too. If you wish to discover Flores de Vida, it would be also the right moment. There will be a guided tour of the place on Saturday afternoon.

The project of an raw vegan community (with tendency to distinct fruit eating) is more present than ever. If your dream is to live in the nature, to nourish yourself by fruits and raw vegetables and to create a joyful daily routine of experimentation and sharing, there might be a place for you at Flores de Vida. If you are interested in permaculture, gardening, eco-construction, yoga, dance, physical exercising, meditation, we can get to know each other and explore the field of possibilities. These three days will be the perfect moment to start to get to know each other … and more if congenial.

Practical details:

  • Beginning of the party: Saturday 6 august 2016 about 11 am
  • End of the party: Monday 8 august 2016 about 5 pm
  • Autonomous lodging: you are invited to come with all you need to sleep (sleeping bag, tent, mattresses, caravan, …). There is place for tents, caravans and camping cars.
  • Food: as it is the habit at Flores de Vida, the suggestion is to nourish ourselves only with fruits and vegetables. For this reason try to bring along (ecological) fruits and vegetables that you will need for those three days. Even more to share with those who can’t carry enough. There will be also some food right here, but if we are a lot of people, it won’t be enough for everybody.

Please come with:
– Your music instrument if you play one,
– the will to share,
– your nicest smile

Please come without: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bread, cookies, cooked food, meat, diary products, salt, sugar and also without pets like dogs and cats.

You can register by filling the form:
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